Save a Girl Child !

Last week in our toastmasters club meeting, One of my friend Captain Debasish gave a speech on Save a girl child, which took my memory back around 22 years.  I was in my 9th or 10th grade,  I have to walk 6 KM every day from home to school. on the way we need to cross a small canel ( Uyyakondan canel in palakarai) in my hometown Trichy. it was pollute like anything, I never seen a natural water in that canel, only black colored drainage water flows at the center and both the sides dumped with garbage. I am not sure how it is now.

That special day I was going with my friend Muthukumar with a load of books in our shoulder bags as usual around 7 am. when we were crossing the river its a small bridge made of wooden planks, heard baby kitten sound  from the garbage dumped on this so called canel bank. we shocked to see that its not a kitten, its a tiny baby with shaking its legs and making a mild sound like kitten.  OMG.. we both shouted like anything… we dont know what to do, no one was around. we decided to get down and take the baby out. a cyclist crossing the way looked at us and  joined with us in rescuing this little baby from the garbage. within a few minutes a big crowd gathered and some one said we will give it to police, some one said we will give to Govt. Hospital. still remember some one said ” Its just 1 or 2 hour old baby” Me and Muthu left the place as we have to go school. I dont know what happen next to that child. Till I complete 10th grade in that school, there is no day i can say I forgot to see the place where I saw that tiny girl child, my eyes automatically goes there, whenever i cross the bridge.

She came in my dreams after 2 decades last week. dont know where she is? God Bless !

scared to see the statistic released by save a girl child organization in 2011. “One out of 6 girl child dies due to gender discrimination”

How dare one can think of  throwing a newly born in hours time?  What is the root cause…?  poverty ? Culture ? illiterate? inhumanity?

What we can do about it… It is happening around us,  Just tears will not do anything.

We need to raise our voice, when any discrimination happens for girl child around us,  irrespective of it is happening to fetus , infants to a grandma.

Save a Girl child ! 



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